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Deerock of Long Island,NY joins TBG Consulting Agency

Deerock (Derek Attardi) of Long Island, New York, just finished releasing his latest single "Rainbow" featuring Wyle & GLNNA , which is available on all listening platforms. Listen to RAINBOW and much more of Deerock music here. Also, his Fall Tour "Let's Kick It" performing at over 20+ venues across the USA. He has successfully sold out countless shows through maintaining a personable relationship with all of his fans.

For Deerock, making music comes from within the heart. It’s an absolute passion that he pours every ounce of effort into with every single, remix, and mashup. Deerock has a lot of new music, virtual shows and hopefully live shows coming in Summer of 2021 to get excited about. As he would say himself, ‘Let’s kick it!’. To learn more about Deerock visit his website

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