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Alabama Bottled Water? No Way!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Yes way! Alabama has one of purest aquifers in the nation being bottled in the heart of Alabama(Autaugaville to be exact). Now you're probably wondering WHY you have not heard of this amazing water? Well to simply put's only been in full operation for nearly 3 years but throughout the years, Eleven86 Water Company has begun the revitalization of its surrounding community plus change the landscape of water intake throughout the State of Alabama. Recently being announce as the "Official State water of Alabama"(August 2020) and it's distribution through well-known Beer industry leader "Budweiser", Eleven86 is only at the starting line and already sold in over 480 stores in Alabama. This "Real Artesian" water is bottled at the source from its pristine aquifers and if you don't believe it, watch this video below from our recent visit at their bottling plant:


- Official State water of Alabama

- Real Artesian water

- Distributed & Sold at your local grocery store(if not ask your store manager to inquire)

- 6.9 average ph balance

- One of purest waters in the WORLD

- FREE of chemicals and any additives

With the Company Motto, "Our People, Our Community, Our Responsibility", we as Alabamians have a duty to uphold and that begins with supporting Eleven86 Water Company. Shop online here and visit to learn more and search for the nearest Eleven86 water provider near you. Lastly, don't forget to follow them HERE on Instagram(@eleven86water).

(Simply Dave Photography , 2020)

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